Monday, December 26, 2016

More Than One Way Home - The Rebuilding of Crash thanks to SURE WILL and DDP YOGA - Week One - Volume B

Howdy Peeps!

Did everyone survive the stressful part of The HoliDaze? New Years Eve is coming up this weekend! Please, be safe and responsible! Stay home and party & DO NOT DRIVE!

However, if you must drive, GET A DESIGNATED DRIVER or CALL 911, they have the numbers to charities willing to give intoxicated people a free ride home!

.....and in all seriousness, STAY AWAY FROM THE FRUITCAKE! Dangerous & deadly stuff!

As you can see, I'm doing a Vol. B to week #1's Blog entitled "More Than One Way Home - The Rebuilding of Crash thanks to SURE WILL and DDP YOGA - Week One - Volume B"

.....c'mon Blitzed, c'mon Axe, c'mon Smashed, c'mon Crush, c'mon Dunkin' Dohickie....and the rest of my blazin' n' cheap sleigh to the titty bar this Jolly St. *ick wants to go!

The Holiday Season usually leads to reflection. Since 1992, The Holiday Season was blackballed from my life due to the hypocrisies against the true meaning of & MY long-standing meaning of "The Holiday Season".....  family, food, laughter, memories, NFL, etc. 

Sadly, hypocrosies from religious,  born-again religious and materialistic religious people ruined the holidays for me. 

I TOLERATED Thanksgiving as that was my late Mother Faye's FAVORITE holiday as no gifts were involved therefore no bullshit expectations except for a feast and laughter. I continued to celebrate it with the Catlin & Smith clan post her dying in 2005 as they are my "other family"!

Too many hypocrites come out of the woodwork around Christmas! Between the bible thumping hypocrites and materialistic hypocrites, Christmas could FOREVER FU*K OFF, IMO! 

Until this year.....between my four toe-to-toe and ongoing fights w/ THE MAN IN BLACK aka THE GRIM REAPER & how much Christmas means to my 5 year nephew Parker & how he hoped I'd be ok so we could hang out on Christmas, I decided not to unpack my Grinch costume and go as me, Unkle Crash, this year....2016!

The Unkle Crash for Christmas went well, I hosted a mini-Christmas here at Casa de Crash-Burdett this year, complete w/ a LITTLE gift exchange, a meal provided by Josh and the other family. Sadly, due to not being 101% able due to health & not be 101% moved from Coldwater, the decorations were lacking to say the least!

Christmas 2017 at Casa de Crash-Burdett will be LARGE AND IN CHARGE & NO! The decorations will not be lacking here! 

Think Griswald's! *insert evil laugh*

Onto reflections, in the last calendar year.....I checked off a major bucketlist item by seeing a Green Bay Packers game on 12.13.2015 at Lambeau Field! 

I FEEL I am super close to landing my ultimate bucketlist interview that I've tried landing for twelve (12) years w/ Mr. John Fogerty/Creedence Clearwater Revival! 

That would make all the years, 25+ to be exact, scribbling away w/ that #2 Pencil n' Big Chief tablet & typing my fingers into nubs beyond worth it to sit down in person or on the phone with THE GREATEST Songwriter, EVER.....MR. JOHN FOGERTY! 

I am hoping my parents, Dorothy Crafton & Omar D. Crafton will be with me IF a face-to-face is APPROVED by his Management and PR people!

I also reflected on the friends who have blackballed themselves from my life for whatever reasons, SaraBeara & MarMar! I know SaraBeara has issues with how she perceives I pulled off my hospitalization in May but for legal reasons, it had to be done that way! Too bad if she don't agree! I didn't agree w/ certain choices she mafe that were negatively impacted her life but I stood by her, ALWAYS! I guess our 13 years of friendship WAS NOT a TWO WAY STREET! 😢

As far as MarMar goes, I missed her wedding due to my mistake of asking for the wrong day off plus she had a beautiful healthy baby girl in May 2016 & is super busy as a wife n' Mommy so no harm there PLUS she did return Christmas yesterday wishing them all a Merry Christmas! Life gets in the way sometimes but I do miss my BFF!

Sadly, hypocrisy reared its ugly head in the form of a devout Christian, my cousin Davidfor whom I had an agreement to disagree with over our beliefs. 

Unfortunately, he seemed to have forgot one of his Holiness' commandments from THE GOOD BOOK,  I think that's where they're jotted down, about loving everyone and preceeded to tell me to remove MY post from MY page!

Before I could tell him "Don't let the door hit ya where the GOOD LORD split ya!" He probably sensed I'd bring down some UNHOLY WRATH upon him on MY page & blocked me. I won't BLOCK anyone for anything on my page but bet yer ass I will unfriend you if you disrespect my page, my wishes or my family and friends! Three strikes & you are out but 2nd chances can be earned!

Not all was bad in 2K16, I've got a new lease and life to start here in Burdett, I'm no longer Comanche Co's endentured servant and bitch, I'm firing up my new career as my own boss, I got to see a dear old friend after 26 years & meet her super cool hubby over lunch.....take a bow Gina Carson Baxter & Mr. Curtis Baxter who continues to serve this GREAT country I LOVE, THE U.S.A.! Thank you, Mr. Baxter & welcome home from your previous assignment in Cleveland, OH.

With the help of Cassie Zeiner, I was able to pull a "fast one" on my old Oaklawn/music professor/lifelong mentor, Mr. Mike Zeiner! I'd LOVE to post the video Cassie shot of "the dirty deed" but that will remain a private cherish moment amongst us!

Over the last few weeks, I fell back in love with Christmas music thanks to albums from Buzzy James, The Brian Setzer Orchestra & Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

This week, thanks to my nephew Andrew and Josh's brother-in-law, I got my new incumbent exercise bike so I can ride and type till I ware out! It goes into service the next few days! Anybody got tools? :-P

Today, I was listening to my 1st LOVE......THE BLUES when an ol' fav my Keb' Mo' came on! It took me back to the good parts of growing up in Oaklawn and Long Beach & to Christmas' in Haysville with my Aunt Marie Felix, Veda Hogue, David, Unkle Bill (R.I.P.) & the various dogs, and to friends who entered the great beyond too soon over the years!

It just reminds us that there IS more than one way home!

Much Love,
Crash Crafton


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