Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Hell That Is Depression - RIP Jani and Robin

As my day winds down, I'm in awe of how surreal it has been! I remember two men who have provided me many great memories. I never met Robin Williams but how could anyone not feel like the knew him? Sadly, both these men battled alcohol or drug demons & even worse, they battled depression!!!

This is the 3rd anniversary of the passing of one of my childhood heros who later became a friend and one of my biggest supporters/cheerleaders when it came to my journalistic endeavors, Mr. Jani Lane.

Anyone wishing to celebrate Jani's legacy are asked to go to the ONLY Facebook page approved, endorsed and ran by his family, JUST FOR JANI LANE!  All other pages are fan pages or ran by people with alterior motives!

EVERY TIME I interview someone or write a review, I think of what Jani said to me following our 1st interview in 2007 & I use those words to inspire me to do the best I can to live up to his compliment!!!

((HUGS)) to his sister Vicky!!!

To Jani.....I MISS YA BOSS!!!

Earlier this afternoon, the world got the news of Robin Williams suicide. The news floored me!!! Thank you Robin for all the laughs & rest easy because you are now at peace!!!

Depression is a cold hearted bitch. Yes, medicines can sometimes help but overall, they are like putting a band-aid on cancer! Those who suffer from depression often hide their pain from others, I know because I have been guilty of this throughout my 25+ year battle with depression.

Many people do not understand those that are depressed or who commit suicide. I've lost loved ones who were depressed to suicide & to be honest, I've thought ending my life would be easier than continuing the fight that is life and the illness of depression. I'd love to punch those that say those who commit suicide are selfish cowards or they will rot in hell!!! Until you've battled crippling depression or a terminal illness, shut the f*ck up!!! SPEND A DAY IN THEIR SHOES & THEN RUN YOUR MOUTH!!!

Thankfully, writing provides an outlet for my feelings & thoughts in the form of journals. Most importantly, I have a wonderful support system of friends and family who can see through the facade I put on.

If you are depressed.....please tell someone.....talk, talk, talk and be honest about how you're feeling....DO NOT WASTE THE TIME OF THOSE LISTENING BY BULLSHITTING THEM!!! SEEK & GET HELP PLEASE!!!

Around the corner is a new day!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I've Joined The Staff Of LegendaryRockInterviews(dot)com

Howdy Ya'all!

Exciting news for me.  In the past month, I have joined the staff at Legendary Rock Interviews & am having a blast contributing to their awesome site!  Head on over & check them out.  A wide range of Rock N' Roll is covered!!!

As they publish my reviews and/or interviews, I will provide the links here, see below!!!  I will still continue to write about other artists in other genres who don't necessarily fit LRI's target demographic and those will be published here!  As always, thank ya'all for your continued support and readership, please give LRI some love, spread the word about our ramblings and feel free to share the reviews & interviews as they truly help the artist!!!



Legendary Rock Interviews

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