Monday, October 10, 2016

MY 2016 Political Views & Rant

Dear Fellow Americans,

After having an ugly and heated exchange of words (comments) with an old friend and diehard Democrat last night, a lashing under the learning tree from another old friend last night that was actually a reminder to me of what I believe and will post below plus all the hate & ugliness (...and blatant fraud) of the 2016 Presidential Election, I'm gonna post my LAST WORDS about the BULLSHIT SCAM that is our current POLITICAL PARTY SYSTEMS & the U.S. GOVERNMENT  ELECTION PROCESS, INC.

Voting for ANYTHING to do with WASHINGTON D.C. is a WASTE of TIME & ENERGY!

Voting for a 3rd party candidate like Sanders and/or Johnson OR hoping the Republican Party will replace Trump with Pence would be like voting for the candidate you dislike the most at this stage of THE GAME!

THE GAME you say?

Yep, EVERY election for POTUS is nothing more than a GAME despite what we are taught!

How is that you ask?

EIGHT (8) words comprising FOUR entities will S-P-E-L-L it out for us all....

...and the LARGEST scam of the entire political process....

The candidates and elections are decided LONG before HUGE $$$ making events like caucuses and party conventions take place!

The BEST example in MY  era is how as far back as 2004 we started hearing a name pop up about him being the next POTUS & this was just after G.W. BUSH won re-election in 2004. That persons name was BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!

Fast fwd to 2006 and the momentum for him being the next POTUS begins its rocket-like momentum into the MAINSTREAM MEDIA who is owned and ran by who?


Sensing a trend yet?

Fueling and funding this rocket featuring an unknown & highly un-qualified candidate for POTUS was Mrs. BIG BUSINESS herself, OPRAH WINFREY!

2007 rolls around and boom! there is HOPE everywhere that CHANGE is coming! The prodigal son has arrived, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!

He brought change to the U.S.A. alright as did his puppeteers BIG BUSINESS, SPECIAL INTEREST (aka LOBBYISTS), WORLD BANK and the ELECTORAL COLLEGE!

If you aren't terrified of B.H. Obama after 8 years, go back and read the books he authored prior to running for POTUS!

Those books are far more scarier than clowns behind trees or the Bush family w/ their hands on THE red button!

Anyways, Clinton vs Trump in 2016 was booked years ago! The most obvious evidence of the power of.....

...and the LARGEST scam of the entire political process.... and

that has EVER seen in U.S. POLITICS if you ask me!

I will leave you with advice my Mom told me back in 1996...."Vote for the person with the SMALLEST dick because either way, you are getting FUCKED!"

So, Trump has my waste of a vote!

FINALLY, WORRY ABOUT, IMMERSE YOURSELF & EDUCATE YOURSELF (and your wonderful families) IN YOUR ***LOCAL*** candidates and elections!

Their impact on your life is greater than the dog n' pony show that is Washington D.C.!

The LEGAL Citizens of the U.S.A., I believe, need to #REVOLT!

Start by abolishing and banning ALL political parties & every politician should have a two term limit of four years per term, serve 8 years and get ZERO pension and perks, return to private sector and NEVER be allowed to run for ANY city, county, state or federal office again!

Make a 15% across-the-board flat tax to cover city, county, state and federal taxes!

Abolish ObamaCare!

Put a cap on Government assistance of all kinds to one year!

Don't work & you don't get help....PERIOD!

If you are an abuser of assistance programs in the past for financial gain and have a history of spewing out babies like clowns exiting a VW Bug at the circus.

SOLUTION, men and women who are known abusers will be permanently sterilized!

Chase down ALL deadbeat parents and seize ALL property, cash or other assets!

Have an alcohol or drug problem? One government funded trip to rehab on the taxpayers, after that, you fit the bill for any rehabs or jail/prison time you do! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Limit alcohol sales in some shape or fashion! Legalize marijuana, tax it appropriately and return ALL profits to care of our Veterans, current Military, funding for Law Enforcement, road & highway improvements, better pay for school teachers, funding for schools, continuing education and greatly discounted healthcare for medical professionals such as nurses, CNA's, CMA's, etc...

Across the board cap on ALL pharmaceuticals, $10 max per prescription be it anti-biotics or cancer treating drugs!


Clean out DC @ this election & start those changes, laws or amendments to politicians etc starting January 2017 and abolish the Electoral College & ban lobbyists!!!


Best Wishes,
Crash Crafton


  1. I agree with 100% of the above post!!! Well stated, cuz. Ever thought about a career in politics???

  2. HELL NO! Even I, immorally, have morals!