Friday, June 11, 2010

Texas Hippie Coalition "Rollin" Album Review

Big Dad Ritch:Vocals
Randy Cooper:Lead Guitarist
Crawfish:Rhythm Guitarist
John Exall:Bassist
Ryan 'The Kid' Bennett:Drums

01. Intervention
02. Flawed
03. Rollin'
04. Jesus Freak
05. Pissed Off And Mad About It
06. Groupie Girl
07. Saddle Sore
08. Cocked & Loaded
09. Back From Hell
10. Beg

David Prater

THE UNDISPUTED KINGS OF RED DIRT METAL ARE BACK!! Texas Hippie Coalition returns with their second album entitled "Rollin" on July 6th via Carved Records. THC 's newest slab of whiskey fueled aggression picks up right where "Pride Of Texas" left off. Having spent the past couple of years traveling all over the world and playing to rabid crowds hasn't caused this 'Band Of Outlaws' to go soft in any way. Quite the contrary in fact, this album shows growth not only within its lyrical and musical content but the addition of Crawfish on Guitars and Ryan Bennett has made THC tighter musical entity all-the-while maintaining and expanding upon their brutal foundation of head splittin' riffs and that undeniable Texas power groove.

The album kicks into overdrive from the first seconds of John Exall's bass intro on 'Intervention'. One thing I've always dug about Big Dad Ritch's vocals is his ability to go from a bottom-of-the-pit growl to classic metal vocals all within one song. He does that here while Randy Cooper rips an Dimebag-inspired fret burning solo that leads into a monstrous double kick drum exhibition from 'The Kid' before Big Dad Ritch reaches into the bowels of vocal hell to end the cut. 'Flawed' is anything but flawed with a sickening groove that is right in the pocket throughout. The title track is up next and after living with the album over the past few days, it is my favorite track on this album at this point. It has that unmistakable Texas power groove complimented with anthemic and autobiographical lyrics about the band.

'Jesus Freak' is one of the more interesting tracks on the album. I especially dig the breakdown section after the first chorus, it really takes the tune in a different direction before slowing down than heading back into the main riff. Longtime THC fans will rejoice with the re-working of their best known track 'Pissed Off And Mad About It'. It is just a tad more brutal than before without losing the magick of the original. The riff is like a turbo-charged Sherman tank barreling down on your ass. Crawfish and Ryan really breathed new life into it.
HOLY SHIT......This band of outlaws have written this generations own "Dream On" or "Sweet Child O' Mine" with the inclusion of 'Groupie Girl'. Big Dad Ritch really shines vocally on this track, reaching into his arsenal and going places he hadn't gone to before vocally. Well done!! Not a band to go too soft for too damn long, THC fires the brutality back up with 'Saddle Sore'. Big Dad Ritch really lays on the badass swagger vocally, kind of takes me back to hearing "Clenched Fist" off the first album. 'Cocked & Loaded' takes you through several moods musically while doing Sabbath proud.
Ryan Bennett sets the tone for 'Back From Hell' with his work behind the kit. I can't help but think of Shannon Larkin or Joey Jordison when I hear footwork and chops like that. We are talkin' take your head clean off with machine gun precision here. Can't wait to see them live with 'The Kid'!! The final track, 'Beg' will leave you begging for more. In conclusion, the album is how an album should be, all killer, no filler. Having been through several lineups over the years, I really feel that THC has found their definitive lineup and it is all-too-evident with "Rollin"!! If you like Pantera or Black Label Society with a healthy dose of Southern Piss n' Vinegar than Texas Hippie Coalition is right up your alley.

I've had the pleasure of seeing the band live on several occasions and they have yet to disappoint. In this day and age, most bands may deliver the goods on record but suck live, THC is the exact opposite, they deliver both on record and even more so live.



  1. these guys kick ass. cant wait until tuesday

  2. Really hoping to see these guys rock it out in Pittsburgh! Road trip from Toronto Ontario!

  3. so what about charlotte n.c we love you. you rock.